DCS has focused its action on real estate law in areas such as civil construction, real estate financing and investment operations, use and management of real estate and tourist investment operations. In this context the DCS has developed its area of action.

Titration of the Constitution, transmission and encumbrance of immovable property, in particular, the Constitution of horizontal property, contracts of purchase and sale, donation, sharing, Division of common property and preliminary contracts to these as the promissory contract, preference pact and right of option;

Tax planning inherent in the ownership of real property;

Registration of the facts and instruments subject to the land register;

Preparation of all the constituent documents of tourist facilities, including constitutive title and projects management regulation with plural property, as well as their management and operations contracts;

Implementation of tourism operations under the fractionals regime; creation of temporary products of accommodation to units of tourism development, in particular, tourist housing rights, timeshare housing, shares in companies owning with special right of use, ownership and use of regulation associated;

Licensing of tourist facilities, assignment of processes of educational tourism utility;

Negotiation, elaboration and review of contracts;

Advice and negotiation of financing and real estate investment operations;

Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of contracts, namely real estate management, residential, commercial and tourist rentals.

The acts listed above involving the titration of real property are made by DCS under One Stop Shop.

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