Public Law

In the framework of public law the DCS has been extending its area of intervention, advising and representing public and private clients in the areas of administrative law, taxation, social security, civil service, environment and cultural heritage.

Licensing of industrial activities, construction and tourism;

Instruction on procedures leading to granting of benefits and tax exemptions;

Subsidies to activities;

Declaration and payment of taxes arising from acts of transfer of rights to movable and immovable property, and the associated complaints and appeals;

Administrative and judicial procedures for the recognition of rights under Social Security and Caixa Geral de Aposentações, in particular relating to de facto unions, pensions, invalidity and survival;

Public procurement, in particular in the areas of service provision, contracts and concessions of public services and spaces.

Litigation in the areas of administrative law and taxation, related with the construction, environment, cultural heritage, public works and private licensing and graceful and contentious tax dispute.

Our team for this Area of Practice