• Law Degree, Portuguese Catholic University – Law School (1990)
  • Post-Graduation Course in European Studies (Legal aspects), Portuguese Catholic University – Law School (1991)
  • PAGE – Advanced Management Program for Executives, Portuguese Catholic University Law School (2003)
  • Portuguese Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados) member since 1993 (C.D.112M)
  • Línguas: flag_en  france
Tel. (+351) 291 280 957 / 976


Practice Areas

Golden Visa Residence Permit

In the sequence of the publication do the Law number 29/2012, of 9 August and the Order number 11820-A/2012 , that establish the legal framework for the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit through Investment in Portugal, DCS Law Firm created a new department, called Golden Visa Residence Permit.

Real all about this program here


Real Estate Law

DCS has focused its action on real estate law in areas such as civil construction, real estate financing and investment operations, use and management of real estate and tourist investment operations. In this context the DCS has developed its area of action.

  • Titration of the Constitution, transmission and encumbrance of immovable property, in particular, the Constitution of horizontal property, contracts of purchase and sale, donation, sharing, Division of common property and preliminary contracts to these as the promissory contract, preference pact and right of option;
  • Tax planning inherent in the ownership of real property;
  • Registration of the facts and instruments subject to the land register;
  • Preparation of all the constituent documents of tourist facilities, including constitutive title and projects management regulation with plural property, as well as their management and operations contracts;
  • Implementation of tourism operations under the fractionals regime; creation of temporary products of accommodation to units of tourism development, in particular, tourist housing rights, timeshare housing, shares in companies owning with special right of use, ownership and use of regulation associated;
  • Licensing of tourist facilities, assignment of processes of educational tourism utility;
  • Negotiation, elaboration and review of contracts;
  • Advice and negotiation of financing and real estate investment operations;
  • Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of contracts, namely real estate management, residential, commercial and tourist rentals.
  • The acts listed above involving the titration of real property are made by DCS under One Stop Shop.
Corporate and Commercial Law

The corporate sector of the autonomous region of Madeira has always been targeted for special attention by the DCS, having entered into partnerships with the two largest regional associations in the sector, this being its primal focus.The intervention of DCS focuses especially in the context of Corporate Governance, acquisitions, mergers, demergers and corporate transformations, agency contracts, distribution, franchising, outsourcing, consortia and partnerships.

  • Advice on management, interorganic relationship and corporate restructuring, in particular, increase and reduction of capital and shareholder agreements;
  • Negotiation and elaboration of fusion projects, division and corporate transformation;
  • Titration of the constitution, transformation, merger, dissolution of commercial companies and transfers of shares
  • Tax planning inherent in corporate Dynamics;
  • Representation in corporate acquisitions;
  • Prevention and diagnosis of pre-contentious corporate situations;
  • Elaboration of business recovery projects;
  • Negotiation and elaboration of Agency, distribution, franchising, outsourcing, Consortium and partnership contracts;
  • Realization of supply contracts, additional services and other acts of corporate capitalization;
  • Registration of facts and acts subjected to commercial registration.
  • The above acts involving titration of acts subject to registration are made by DCS in the context of  One Stop Shop.
One Stop Shop

The department called General Desk (Balcão Único) was created at the entrance of the sequence into force of Decree 116/2008, of 4 July which gives similar powers to lawyers of Notaries in the recognition and authentication of documents. The DCS was the first company in the Autonomous Region of Madeira to provide this service. In this context the DCS performs:

  • Recognition and authentication of documents;
  • Certification of signatures,
  • Titration of the constitution, transmission and encumbrance of real estate;
  • Titration of the constitution, transformation, merger, dissolution of commercial companies and transfers of shares;
  • Declaration and payment of taxes due to the above acts;
  • Registration of the facts and acts subject to land and business registration.


Ms. Fernandes and I had very regular contact managing a very complex transaction that involved many, many parties, large transaction costs and a volatile world economy at the time. The transactions were centered around real estate and corporate law matters, but involved much more over time including, tax, securities, and management issues for which Ms. Fernandes was willing to handle or manage as appropriate for herself, her firm and the clients. Ms. Fernandes proved first and foremost to be an honest, trustworthy and respected advocate for our clients. She always maintained a positive and progressive outlook for the clients and their transaction and navigated the ever-changing transaction with expertise and skill. She had an international background and understanding that was continually called upon by the clients. Further, Ms. Fernandes was reasonable and business oriented in her approach and was always a true team player.

 While I could continue to praise Ms. Fernandes for her legal, political and business expertise and connections both on the Island of Madeira and in Europe (all of which proved valuable), most important to me is and was Ms. Fernandes’ qualities as a person – a friendly and enjoyable person who possesses uncompromising integrity whom you would always want on your team.
With this, I would strongly recommend Ms. Fernandes and her law firm for engagement with my best clients and closest friends.
David M. Paltzik

Former Greenberg Traurig, LLP shareholder, between 2002 and 2014. Principal at Paltzik Law, pllc, in Arizona

Our initial email enquiry received a prompt reply from Sandra, in perfect English. She detailed the purchasing costs from the beginning, and guided us in a professional manner throughout the Portuguese legal process. At our first meeting we were impressed with Sandra’s manner: professional and knowledgeable but also calm and friendly. We felt we could completely trust her judgement and advice and were confident to leave the purchase arrangements with her…

Roger and Barbara Morcom


I can confirm that Mrs Fernandes assisted us, as UK residents with a holiday letting business in Madeira Portugal, through a very complex property license and registration process…
During this process she was able to clearly translate the issues that we needed to resolve and accompanied us to translate and negotiate with the Communes representatives….
We would therefore highly recommend Mrs Fernandes to any clients seeking to establish a business or purchase a property in Portugal as lawyer who is able to smoothly work through a complex bureaucratic system…
Fenwick & Barbara Purvis


I have always found Ms. Jardim Fernandes to be a highly motivated, results-oriented professional. She has an enthusiastic and positive nature, and possesses exceptional interpersonal skills.  She has a particular talent for uniting people from different area in common and successful projects. As a lower she is a multicultural person, accustomed to deal with people from very different cultures and regions of the world and she has very deep culture routs.
I also know Ms. Jardim Fernandes to be a very creative person, able to show a potential project where nobody else see.
However, none of the above mention skills is compared to her best strengths: her human values, an exemplar character and personality and very clear goals
Fatima Adélia Martins

Secretary-General, European Judicial Network (EJN)

…we were impressed by the swift and professional correspondence received from Sandra Jardim Fernandes.  Having appointed her as our legal representative for our property purchase, we have been completely happy with every aspect of her work.
She completed the conveyancing quickly and efficiently and took time to clearly explain to us every step along the way…
Carl M. Morris


I can confirm that Mrs Fernandes assisted us, as Chinese residents with a property purchase business in Lisbon Portugal. We purchased two apartments in 2013 in Lisbon, both of which are finished under the service provided by Mrs Fernandes. She has displayed very professional and experienced performance during the process of the dealing. In particular, then I didn’t live in Lisbon and making the deal timely was what I saw every important. We just took several hours each to close the purchase and the efficiency is really beyond my expectation.

Mr. Shan


We were delighted that you were able to negotiate a full refund of the monies we had paid
We had wonderful service from you, it was a real pleasure and being able to contact you via email in English was such a bonus.
Ray Reynolds





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