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Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit

In the sequence of the publication do the Law number 29/2012, of 9 August and the Order number 11820-A/2012 , that establish the legal framework for the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit through Investment in Portugal, DCS Law Firm created a new department, called Golden Visa Residence Permit.

What are the Advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit?

Possibility of obtaining Portuguese permanent residency ( after five years of temporary residence permit) and/ or getting Portuguese nationality ( after six years of temporary residence permit.

Visa exemption for travelling within the Schengen Area ( Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerlnd );

Right to the family reunification residence permits.

B) Who can be granted with a Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit?

The Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit may be granted to foreign non EU Citizens, by doing one of the following investments in the country, for a minimum period of 5 years:

1. Transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than €1.000.000 ( one million Euros). It includes investing in Portuguese companies , as long as the investor’s personal capital share fulfils the minimum amount of €1.000.000 ( one million Euros).

This investment must be proved by :

Statement from a Financial Institution operating in Portugal attesting that a transaction of €1.000.000 ( one million Euros) has been performed, and the money has transferred into an account where  the investor is the sole or first holder, or that it has been used to buy companies shares;

Certificate from the Commercial Registry attesting the ownership of the company , when applied.

2. Creation of at least 10 jobs.

This investment must be proved by an updated certificate issue by the Portuguese Social Security system attesting that the 10 employees are registered.

3. Acquisition of property in an amount equal or greater than €500.000 ( five hundred thousand Euros)

This investment must be proved by :

Final deed of purchase and sale or a promissory purchase and sale agreement with a minimum down payment of €500.000 ( five hundred thousand Euros);

Statement from a Financial Institution operating in Portugal attesting that the transaction has been performed and the money has been transferred for property acquisition or down payment;

Updated certificate from Land Registry Office.

 Which are the general requirements for the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit applicant?

  1. Presence in Portugal
  2. Non existing of any fact that would be an obstacle for the granting of a visa.
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Valid Schengen Visa
  5. Legalization of a stay in Portugal within ninety (90) days of the first entrance into national territory.
  6. Proof of means of subsistence and accommodation
  7. Proof of health insurance
  8. Request for consultation of criminal record at “SEF”
  9. Sworn statement signed by the applicant as he/she will comply with all investments requirements.
  10. No debt certificate issued by Portuguese Social security and Tax Authorities
  11. Criminal record certificate of the country of origin and of the country where the applicant has resided for more than one year.
  12. Proof of one of the three types of investment.
  13. All foreign documents must be officially translated to Portuguese at a Portuguese Consulate in the country of it’s origin.
  14. The initial residence permit is valid for one year, renewable for two periods of two years each.
  15. The minimum length of stay in Portugal is 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent two- year period, consecutive or not.

D) Legal Services provided by DCS Law Firm:

Due diligence in the investment process, including assisting negotiations , analysis  of all the required sellers and property documentation and accessing the public departments for verification, namely Land Registry, Commercial Registry, Tax Office and Local Municipality Council.Obtaining Portuguese Fiscal Number for the Investor at the local Tax OfficeFiscal representation services.

  1. Assisting at the Bank account opening.
  2. Power of attorney draft and authentication at the moment of the signature.
  3. Promissory purchase and sale agreement draft and signatures recognition.
  4. Declarations for the Tax Office regarding the IMT and the Stamp tax.
  5. Final purchase and sale deed draft and authentication.
  6. Registration of the promissory purchase and sale agreement and/or the final deed at the Land Registry.
  7. Registration of the final deed at the Tax Office.
  8. Portuguese Company constitution deed and registration at the Commercial Registry.
  9. Preparation and submission of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit.
  10. Preparation and submission of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permit for family reunification.
  11. Representation services at the Portuguese immigration and Borders Authorities
  12. Submission of renewals of the Portuguese Golden Visa Residence Permits.
  13. Drafting and recognition of signatures of all agreements regarding the properties management, namely rental agreements.
  14. Representation services in all or some of the acts and procedures regarding the investment.


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